» ONG´s, Government Contracts and Others
 » Intellectual Property Law: IP registering, IP infringement prosecution,       Copyright.
» Heritage, Prosecution, and others
» Commercial Law: Contracts, Offshore, Accounting Bank.
» Familiy Law: Divorce,   Alimony,       Custody
» Mediation 
» Legal Advice
» Criminal Law
» Tax Law
» Inmigration

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Panama offers it`s nationals and foreigners, interesting facilities that allow them to enjoy an excellent quality of life.
Security, employment, economy and our cultural diversity, make Panama a very attractive tourist and commercial country.

ACabogadopty had its beginnings in 2010, since then we have been dedicated to expanding and strengthening our services in various areas of Law. Providing personalized and reliable attention to our customers.



Alcides Castillo

Alcides Castillo (Founder partner) to AC Abogado, is a professional with high level   experience   on   various themes of Law.


Continue      his    studies at   the University of Panama, obtaining a Degree in    Law    and    Political  Science.


Adviser on various themes of Law and currently specializes in the field of entrepreneurs, helping them in creating business   and   operating licenses.


Panama City, Panama

Email: alcides@acabogadopty.com
Phone:  (507) 6209.5878

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